We’re paw-sitive that you’ll love The Mutt Mobile, but we know you may have some questions fur-st.

Exercising in water can help reduce fatigue and pressure on joints, soothe aches, and help with balance. It can also improve mobility and flexibility, allowing animals to recover from surgery or an injury quicker, and experience a better quality of life.

We use a state of the art UV filter to circulate and clean the water between each use. The heated water has a dash of chlorine in it for sanitization; the small amount will not affect your dog’s coat. We fully change out the water and clean the filter as needed.

Please note that although many veterinarians may prescribe hydrotherapy to help your pet recover from a specific injury or condition, we do not provide diagnostic, surgical, or veterinary services. Hydro Exercise is for all eligible dogs. You do not need a referral to walk on our treadmill.

The length of time is wholly individual for each dog. Some dogs need 30 minutes to get out their energy while others may only be able to handle 5 minutes to get their legs moving again. Our team members will work with you and your animal to get the best results.

As much as three times a week!

The effectiveness of hydrocising for dogs, along with your dog’s acceptance of the treatment, will further determine duration. Their enjoyment and efficacy can vary widely, so we recommend just trying it out to see!

Hydrocising is gentle on and good for the body. Every dog is different and we will work together to determine the best program for your dog and your wallet.

To keep all dogs safe, we don’t allow animals with open wounds and rashes, a history of seizures or heart disease, and urinary infections. Please reach out to us, your veterinarian, or see our waiver for more details.

Only if you want to! We will towel dry your dog at the end of the session, and also, because we want to prevent poodles…I mean puddles. (We love poodles!)

Our unit is not a swimming pool, it is a treadmill. In the Hydro Treadmill dogs are not submerged in water. Dogs do not need to be able to swim because they will be able to touch the bottom at all times.

The treadmill is much different than entering a pool or other bed of water in that your dog will not be submerged in water. If your dog is nervous around water, we can add an inch or so of water to start and then gradually add more water as your dog gets used to the sensation.

We would never force a dog who is reluctant into our treadmill as your dog’s spirit is here to be supported, not broken. We will openly work with you and your pet using gentle methods of safe and supported coercive tactics.

We do not allow for anyone other than the MUTT team to be inside the treadmill with the dog for safety and sanitation purposes. You can, however, stay in the mobile unit as your dog exercises. If your dog needs more comfort and/or motivation we can work with you to walk your dog next to the treadmill with you.