Come to Us


Come to Us

Individual: $50

Group 3 or MORE: $50 per dog appointments.

Please fill out and upload the liability waiver when booking your appointment with us.


  • Customers can pay at the end of their booked session.

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On the Day of Your Appointment

On The Day of Your Appointment: 

  • Plan for your dog’s session to last approximately 30 minutes. 

Please Make Sure Your Dog Has: 

  • Not rigorously exercised before session
  • Eaten and is hydrated to ensure a pleasant and energized experience for your pets physical activity level  
  • Relieved self
  • Not excessively dirty

For health and safety, dogs who have open sores, rashes, and/or wounds, a urinary tract infection, and/or a stomach virus may not have a session at this time. 

Per the liability waiver owners understand inherent risks to dogs with outstanding conditions.  Additionally, owners must inform The Mutt Mobile of any known cardiac disease and/or uncontrolled seizures. Additionally, dogs with known cardiac disease and uncontrolled seizures should consult their veterinarian before starting our exercise program.  

Please notify us if you or your dog has a peanut allergy as we use it on the premises to motivate the dogs. 


Regardless of your dog’s need for the Mutt Mobile, you and your animal will love the experience. Our clients love the recreational bonding they receive during a visit from the Mutt Mobile. Just remember – we are not vets and do not guarantee anything other than a quality product.

If your dog has a heart or skin condition, please call before booking to assess their eligibility for The Mutt Mobile.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re paw-sitive that you’ll love The Mutt Mobile, but we know you may have some questions fur-st. Click here to read our FAQ.